Welcome to pyLottoSimu’s documentation!

Lotto Generator and Simulator

a simulation of Lotto Germany (pick 6 out of 49), Lotto Austria (pick 6 out of 45), EuroMillionen, Powerball Lottery US, Mega Millions lottery and Hot Lotto Sizzler system.

The pyLottoSimu program generates random lottery numbers and can simulate a draw. In the simulation view a Lotto Ball is visible on the numbers rotate faster and faster, and is finally available, this is the text, the first number of today's draw was the … Maybe it was indeed actually the numbers of the next draw, of course are here, all the figures provided without guarantee.

pyLottoSimu can be started in these languages:

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Polish and Russian

Help to translate with https://crowdin.com/project/pylottosimu Login with Github possible.


The program requires Python 3.x and Qt5 for Python.

Start with:

python lotto.pyw [de|dk|fr|es|it|nl|pl|ru]


Make the documentation as .html file:

cd docs
make html

Add new modules with:

cd docs
sphinx-apidoc -f -o . ../pylottosimu


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